With 25 years of experience within the concept of performing special DJ sets featuring great musical talents, Derk de Koning (Jazzy D) can be booked all round for your corporate event or private event. With a superb menu list of possibilities within the concept all variating on the wish and budget of the client, each performance is tailor made. With unique tapeband’s created and collected over the years, female singers can perform hits and classics with live keyboard dj action and special guests.

As a pianist, Derk de Koning (Jazzy D) is performing duo’s trio’s and quartet’s. With a great poule of professional jazz artists there is always a basic Jazz duo in sync with Jazzy D’s classic swing technique on the grand piano.

Last but not least, the story in progress for the long term with my soulbrother  Producer DJ Alankara (Hugo Zwarts).  We are releasing more and more tracks our label  Prana Records. From Chillout Lounge to Soulful House tracks. In the last 4 months these two have noted 3x NR 1 tracks in the Chillout Lounge Charts of Traxsource.


Derk de Koning uit Amsterdam is een pianist, componist, dj en muziekproducent. Zijn speelstijl is geïnspireerd door het luisteren en bestuderen van de grote meesters. Iconen als Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner en Monty Alexander behoorden tot degenen die hij nauwlettend en intensief bestudeerde. 

Afkomstig uit een muzikale familie zat Derk al op 5-jarige leeftijd achter de piano. Al op zijn 15e ontving hij een Diplome d’Honneur gedurende het Edith Stein Concours en werd niemand minder dan Rob Agerbeek (pianist van oa de befaamde Dutch Swing College band) zijn leermeester. Rob Agerbeek speelde met jazz grootheden als Art Blakey, om er maar een te noemen. Van hem nam Derk zijn jazzy, bluesy touch op de piano over. Met een geweldig gevoel voor blues en uitstekende timing is Derk de Koning een zeer interessante pianist om naar te kijken en luisteren. 
In de laatste 15 jaar werkte hij oa samen met artiesten als Hans en Candy Dulfer, Chance Howard, Berget Lewis, Do, Shirma Rouse, Maarten Hogenhuis, Jan van Duikeren, Rob van de Wouw en vele anderen. Als jazzpianist blinkt hij uit in combinatie met topbassisten als Omer Govreen en Thomas Pol. Met zijn DJ live concept ‘Future Groove Express’, weet hij als dj genaamd ‘Jazzy D’ ook de juiste snaren te raken: als pianist-dj kan hij moeiteloos een complete live band opzwepen met funky beats & baselines. 

Omer Govreen komt uit Israel en woont in Amsterdam. Omer is een alumni van de Rimon School of Music en het Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Als relatief jonge bassist weet Omer met een volle sound, perfecte timing en speelse virtuositeit het spel van Derk de Koning perfect te begeleiden. Deze twee musici hadden meteen een klik toen ze voor ’t eerst met elkaar optraden. Tijdens een van de optredens bij Nick Vollebregt in Laren ontmoetten zij Carmen Sars. Zij organiseerde daarop het concert van  deze middag in het theater in Weesp. 
Govreen is zelf onderdeel van twee ensembles: The Garden Crack ensemble met Nino Baleyte en Adrian Moncade ft Michael Moore en het Govreen/Sever ensemble met Aleksander Sever. Omer Govreen heeft het podium gedeeld met bekende artiesten als Tineke Postma, Benjamin Herman, Anat Fort en vele anderen.


Jazzy D and Omer Govreen have been playing together since 2018. With the groovy feel and solid sound Omer has on double bas, he follows the free improvisations by Jazzy D (Derk de Koning) on piano with natural ease. These two jazz cats know how to put the swing on!

Omer Govreen is an Amsterdam based double bass player and an alumni of the Rimon school of music and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Govreen co-leads two ensembles: Garden Crack (with Nino baleyte, Adrian Moncade, latest release featuring Michael Moore) & Govreen/Sever ensemble (with Aleksander Sever). He shared the stage in different formations with Tineke Postma, Benjamin Herman, Anat Fort and many others. 

Derk de Koning is a pianist who is much inspired by master jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson, Eroll Garner and Monty Alexander. With his own auto didact style he is a very tasteful pianist with a superb feeling for swing, funk and blues piano. Enjoy this video from the instagram live feed video snippets.


On this video snippet you can hear and feel the swing by playing the piano alongside some of the best contrabass players in Holland. With Tobias Nijboer, who is well know from the formation called “Fuse”, which is to be seen on Dutch Television almost weekly.

Enjoy this video snippet and feel free to inform more about booking us for Jazz piano sets.


This specific afternoon is about a performance in the Wesopa theather and I have to admit I enjoyed very much sharing the stage with the famous Rosenberg Trio. This extensive family of brothers and cousins are true Ambassadors of the swinging Gypsie Jazz Sound.

Enjoy this video snippet which gives a look and feel about the afternoon which will be repeated soon again.

For bookings and information feel free to contact us.


In the famous Wisseloord Studio’s at Hilversum The Netherlands one of my early bird music friends Martino invited me recently to take on a couple of tracks. To be able to produce tracks from this ”old school spaceship” which Studio 2 definitely is for real, one can take-off on a huge mixing console cockpit, playing on all kinds of vintage keyboards, as well as the Steinway grand piano which Elton John simply left here after a week of recording back in the days.

They don’t make music like this anymore, the sound is just soo fucking good from these analog table’s and vintage stuff to record with. I mean really, they don’t make music like this anymore.

Currently the Wisseloord studio’s became an Academy for young producers and we are more than happy to visit the Wisseloord Studio’s in the next months and work with some young producers in training. Great stuff.


Let’s hope this year’s ADE will not lead to new restrictions in the nightlife of clubbing Amsterdam. With attenders from all over the world Amsterdam will be the “Mekka of Dance” again between wed 19th and sun 23rd of oct 2022.

With Showcases, Industry & Record Label Chiefs, DJ friends and performances to visit I am looking forward to attend to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. With fresh productions on the shelve and new collaborations @ the famous Wisseloord Studio’s we will come out with great musicians featuring on top of solid grooves.


At the Amsterdam Tenclub (Mayor Manor) we are currently developing all kind of new activities. On Mondays and Thursdays we have thematic nights with mostly members and invitees. The Tenclub can also be used as a location for your private event or coorporate event. With a grand piano in the master room and a private club in the basement one can host a party for 40 upto 80 people easy.

As a resident Pianist and DJ I am always exited to come play for people on the amazing classic Erard Grand Piano or create a solid DJ set at the private club. 

For information or bookings feel free to contact us.

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