On thursdaynight this week we will be jazzin’ the Soho House Amsterdam @ restaurant Cecconi’s with Rob van de Wouw on trumpet. Make sure you reserve your table on time at Cecconi’s, this place is new in town and packed on thursdays. 

On Fridaynight we will be @ the famous Jazzcafé Nick Vollebregt  performing a jazz duo act with contrabass player Tobias Nijboer between 20:00-23:00 hours. Tobias has just released his new album Fuse. Reserve your table for fridaynight, most of the time the place is sold out by those who have discovered the return of live Jazz again while dining or having a drink at this famous Jazzcafé & restaurant!

On Saturdaynight we host the “saturdaynightlive” show @ Kitchen and Bar van Rijn on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam starting at 20:00 this week with DJ Ignatio & Han Litz. Jazzy Derk and Rob van de Wouw will attend the second part of the night between 22:00-01:00, after performing on a private jazz-dinner event at the Mayor Manor Tenclub. The live music @ Van Rijn on saturdaynights are the perfect place to warm up in style before visiting Amsterdam nightlife’s clubs and discotheques.


So if you can’t make it for dinner, feel free to spin by for a drink at the bar. 

Hope to see you around this week!

For more information, please contact us.


Saturdaynight Live is a dinnertodance night hosted by pianist & dj Jazzy Derk in one of the hottest grand-cafe-restaurants around the heart of Amsterdam. 

Kitchen and Bar van Rijn on the Rembrandtplein has international exposure and hosts many dinner-events as well as a long bar where the finest cocktails are being served for guests who only spin by for the great atmosphere in this fine location. 

On saturday nights, Jazzy Derk hosts live shows with his DJ live concept.With the DJ booth placed on top of the Yamaha Grand Piano with the Korg SV1 keyboard along side some of the finest musicians in the Dutch Jazz scene, Jazzy Derk knows how to create a great vibe in this place. 

Van Rijn is a ‘must have seen’ if you’re visiting Amsterdam and looking for a relaxed place to have dinner or take a drink while getting warmed up for a great night with the finest dj sounds and live musicians Amsterdam has to offer.


For special Dinner 2 Dance events, Jazzy Derk can bring the perfect ambience to your private or corporate event. 

With a jazz formation while dining (piano, contrabass and additional artist) the atmosphere get’s started and the music starts blending into the communication of the surrounding.

After dinner, the DJ-keyboard set get’s activated. Jazzy Derk’s dj style is eclectic, from nujazz sublime fm style to dance classics to soulful house to commercial mash ups to top 40 hits in a groovy remix and even some funky deeptech flavours, all with additional live keyboard action.

The dance floor will be steaming after a classy dinner event. On many known- and unknown locations around the Netherlands Jazzy Derk and his artistical crew have been making presence on this behalf with much pleasure and honours. 

On this picture a unique location is seen, somewhere in the Netherlands. In collaboration with the finest catering crews around, we can set the right vibe for your events.

For more information & details about our tailormade dinner2dance events, contact us.


Thomas Pol is one of the finest contrabass players around at the moment in the Netherlands. He studied in New Orleans and is still visiting the USA often. 

Thomas is asked by many musicians, for example Benjamin Herman from the New Cool Collective has invited Thomas for his recent theater-tour. 

Jazzy Derk and Thomas Pol are often to be seen at Nick Vollebregt (Laren) and can also be booked for special requests with larger formations. 

For bookings and information, contact us.


Amsterdam’s newest ’SOHO HOUSE‘ is Jazzin’. On the ground floor of this stunning building resides Cecconi’s, the Itialian restaurant formula which has proven to be successful in many other SOHO HOUSE capitols of the world. With a beautiful restored Steinway grand piano, Cecconi’s hosts live Jazz daily. 

Jazzy Derk is one of the resident pianist at Cecconi’s and brings great vibes to this beautiful new place in town. Either with solo sets during weekdays or accompanied by contrabass players in the weekend days, Cecconi’s is jazzin’ it up with style and flavours. 

For more information when Jazzy Derk performs at Cecconi’s contact us.


Random Jazz Sessions is a new live jazz activity at Nick Vollebregt. This famous Jazz café in Laren has hosted some of the biggest jazz players in the world in the past, has a very rich history of live jazz performances and we are proud to bring the ‘live jazz’ feel back to this remarkable place with our Random Jazz Sessions.

With two performances a week, mostly on wed, thu, fri, or saturdays Jazzy Derk performs live piano sets in collaboration with contrabass players. Together with pianist Bas van Lier the agenda for each month is being filled with additional duo live jazz musicians. 

For more information and dates of performances please feel free to contact us.


SaturdaynightLive @ Kitchen and Bar van Rijn is a location with international alure if it comes to high quality dinner2dance entertainment in the heart of Amsterdam. 

With Jazzy Derk, one of the founders in the Netherlands of the DJ live concept, along side Amsterdam’s finest musicians, this restaurant is a true gem on saturdaynights for locals- and tourist to enjoy high-quality live entertainment while dining before clubbing. A must have seen for saturdaynights in town.

For more information feel free to contact us.


On this video the collaboration between contrabass player Thomas Pol and pianist Jazzy Derk is well showcased. In this snippet they improvise a variation on the famous jazz classic Summertime

This Jazz duo embraces great skills to tap into each others groove or bounce which raises the “swing-level” of their performances to great hights.

Jazzy Derk ft Thomas Pol , to be continued in 2019 for sure!

For information and bookings, contact us.


Lorren Rettich is a talented young jazz vocaliste who can take on the moment to feel where the music is leading. With her fine skills for improvisation she is a true asset for the concept at the moment and a joy to perform with.

Looking forward to our next performances @ Kitchen and Bar van Rijn in december and the Ney Year’s Eve night at van Rijn and @ Tenclub, the secret chambers of Versailles party. Tickets for these parties are available at the moment, but will be sold out soon.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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