On the 14th of may the annual network event by one of Norway’s largest companies worldwide will take place again at Kitchen and Bar van Rijn. We are honoured to be asked back again to perform our high quality atmosphere groovy lounge- and soulful house music this night. Together with trumpetist Rob van de Wouw the vibe of the evening will be great.

Looking forward.

Come see the setup of this dinnertodance concept every saturdaynightlive at Kitchen and Bar van Rijn. Great place for future clients to check out our skills and feel the vibe we create for your high end event!

For info and bookings please contact us. 


When the  birthday party of King Willem Alexander of the House of Orange came to an end on the canals of Amsterdam, the party continued at many venues bars restaurants and clubs inside. 

Enjoy this snippet by the pianistdj groovin’ the keyboard on a Martin Buttrich mash up made in the studio. The vibe was great! 

See more of this on the Saturdaynightlive evenings at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, high quality dinnertodance live music movement with an international touch in the heart of Amsterdam. To be continued.

For bookings and information contact us.


Jazzy Derk will be playing mostly at his residencies at Kitchen&Bar van Rijn on the Saturdaynightlive nights, and he will be playing the friday night jazz @ Nick Vollebregt - Laren along with contrabass players such as Thomas Pol

On the 14th of may Jazzy Derk performs for the annual get together of a major company from Norway (private corporate event).

On the 18th of may DJ-Producer Alankara will take over the decks in Van Rijn for one night along side two outstanding artists while Jazzy Derk will be playing on a private event in Aalsmeer.

In the studio we are working on new tracks and are busy with editing music for promo video’s and working on the new artistic video/music platform DMTT. ROCKS teaming up with JPM.

For information, booking requests please contact us via email or phone.


In the centre of the 75th bday bash of my dad i had the joy and honour to play a boogie woogie in our living room with family and best friends of my dad. The first time I say my uncle Paul play a boogie woogie i was 5 years old. I love the vibe on this video, the movie was shot by my beautiful love which saw the moment and captured it for me since these private moments normally don’t get filmed. Very happy with this snippet, enjoy listening to it. Boogie Woogie piano playing is such a joy! :–))


The coolest DJ booth in town must be the “grand piano dj booth’ @ Kitchen & Bar van Rijn where we host our weekly “saturdaynightlive” dinner2dance evening. From smooth jazz dinner grooves up to deep funky house grooves accompanied by live keyboards, grand piano action and Amsterdam’s finest jazz musicians. The atmosphere in this outstanding location has an international quality towards it and is a must have seen dinner experience for all locals and international guests in Amsterdam. For reservations call +31 20 450 0555.


This week’s live performances coming up:

Thursdaynight @ Nick Vollebregt with a Jazz duo performance accompanied by Vincent Kuiper on contrabass. For table reservations call: +31 35 5383577. 

Fridaynight I will be at the famous café Barrera for the Leidse Jazz Week with Rob van de Wouw on trumpet and DJ Mr Melle from 20:00-00:00 hours. Spin by for this great annual event in Leiden!

Saturdaynightlive I will be jamming the weekly residency @ Kitchen and Bar van Rijn accompanied by Lorrèn Rettich on vocals and Han Litz on flute starting at 20:00 hours.


On thursdaynight this week we will be jazzin’ the Soho House Amsterdam @ restaurant Cecconi’s with Rob van de Wouw on trumpet. Make sure you reserve your table on time at Cecconi’s, this place is new in town and packed on thursdays. 

On Fridaynight we will be @ the famous Jazzcafé Nick Vollebregt  performing a jazz duo act with contrabass player Tobias Nijboer between 20:00-23:00 hours. Tobias has just released his new album Fuse. Reserve your table for fridaynight, most of the time the place is sold out by those who have discovered the return of live Jazz again while dining or having a drink at this famous Jazzcafé & restaurant!

On Saturdaynight we host the “saturdaynightlive” show @ Kitchen and Bar van Rijn on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam starting at 20:00 this week with DJ Ignatio & Han Litz. Jazzy Derk and Rob van de Wouw will attend the second part of the night between 22:00-01:00, after performing on a private jazz-dinner event at the Mayor Manor Tenclub. The live music @ Van Rijn on saturdaynights are the perfect place to warm up in style before visiting Amsterdam nightlife’s clubs and discotheques.


So if you can’t make it for dinner, feel free to spin by for a drink at the bar. 

Hope to see you around this week!

For more information, please contact us.

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