This snippet gives you an idea of the wide range music styles Jazzy Derk embraces as a DJ and more even what his live keyboard action add to the equasion. 

From classic grooves in a new beat, towards old school Johnny Guitar Watson hits, whatever get’s the audience going on the dance floor and move their feet.

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It has been busy during ADE 2019 with some amazing musical highlights. When all the DJs, Producers, Record Label chiefs, A&R’s etc of the Electronic Dance World gather in Amsterdam for the annual ADE event the city is jammed with topnotch events.

The schedule for this month is also nice, playing for the sports brand Under Armour, performing on the Steinway grand piano at the Sohohouse Amsterdam, jazzing it up at Nick Vollebregt in Laren with my jazzy duo act.

Coming up: a private party in The Haque’s unique location Mama Kelly, the weekly Saturdaynightlive show’s at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn located on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam and some live jazz gigs in- and around town with some of my fav Contrabass players.

Naming Contrabass players: this wednesday I will be in the amazing studio of Nando Eweg (soundslikenando) to record baselines with my man Thomas Pol on Contrabass and bassgitar. Looking forward to that one big time. Got some new tracks in the sleeve to get mixed down soon.


Jazzy Derk has a wide range experience in playing piano for hotels, restaurants, private parties, jazzclubs and has keen hands for blending his free improvisation style with the audience and surrounding he attends to.

This snippet was made in the Sohohouse Amsterdam on the beautiful Steinway Grand Piano in restaurant Cecconi’s.

Enjoy this free style improv by Jazzy Derk.

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Do you know the famous Jazz café & restaurant Nick Vollebregt in Laren? A question most people answer with “off course!”.  At this well known establishment were basicly all the great jazz legends whom ever visited Holland in the last 40 years have played, we present a weekly random jazz session with live piano in solo and duo formations.

Accompanied by Dutch finest contrabass players, such as Thomas Pol, Tobias Nijboer, Cas Jiskoot, Dave Breidenbach and other amazing jazz artists such as Jessyhaymusic, Michiel Varekamp, Phaedra Kwant, pianist Bas van Lier and myself present live Jazz at Nick Vollebregt.

Mostly on friday nights we can be found here, for specific play dates please inform us by email. The ambience of this place and mostly the wall of fame spirit which houses here is a true joy to experience while enjoying a dinner by chef Robert Zuiderhoudt and Vollebregt’s right hand and outstanding ”sommelier” Mathy. For info and reservations feel free to inquire your booking.


On fridaynights we always host our random jazz night @ Nick Vollebregt with piano solo acts by Bas van Lier or Jazzy Derk,  also jazz duo settings with our favourite contrabass players or other fine artists we perform with. For those of you living around the Laren area feel free to enjoy your friday night @ Vollebregt with live jazz music.

On the picture above I’m having fun with former music publisher / label boss Eelko van Kooten and record label chief Tony van de Berkt. Rapping at the bar after my piano performance. Besides having a nice dinner in the restaurant people are also welcome to spin by after dinner time for a drink at the café area where the piano actually stands!


Besides a nice studio project upcoming between these two cats soon, the feeling of jamming live will always be the best vibe there is. Enjoy these snippets by Jazzy Derk and Jessy Hay (Jessy Hay Music). Great stuff, please also enjoy the extra snippets below here as well!

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With the Jazzy Derk jazz formation we can open up your party, nothing more relaxed for your guests to walk into the party with some smooth live jazz sounds in the background.  

DJ booth ready to go! But first: some Jazzy tunes with the Nordstage piano, contrabass and brushed drums to set the mood. 

This tailor made option is a great choice for your event and we would love to introduce you to our groove & swing.

After some nice jazz sets, the DJ booth comes to live, with the Nordstage3 piano alongside. With our own equipment powered by NORDSTAGE NL we can set the bar for high quality definition sound to it’s best standards. Check out the pianist dj’s action on the next movie here.

For more information please contact us.

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