On Saturday’s we host our weekly DJ Live concept with a dinner and a dance department at the stunning location Kitchen & Bar van Rijn located on the Rembrandtplein Amsterdam. Together with Amsterdam’s finest artists Jazzy Derk brings an atmosphere of international allure. Most visitors in Amsterdam from abroad have never seen a DJ play such funky grooves while at the same time playing the keyboard as a virtuoso. With female singers, violin players, trumpet cats, sax ladies & gents, the vibe on this night is set to last. A must have seen while in Amsterdam.

For information and reservations please contact us.

Hereby some more taste of that vibe. After the set with violin Jazzy Derk invited female singer Juliet July. Together with Juliet July Jazzy forms an energetic ensemble. To be continued.

Another fine example of this formation is the variation of famous mash-up hits they can perform such as the Sing it Back mash up originated by Moloko. There are much more of those in the repertoire, accompanied with fine keyboard chords & solo’s. Enjoy.

As resident of the night Jazzy Derk glues the night together booking the artists, programming the night and playing a lot of funky live keyboard on the tracks he DJs together with his fine taste for harmonic mixing in tone scales.

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