Jazzy Derk has been playing the piano since he was five years old. As an auto-didact pianist he has developed a keen ear for blues, funk and jazz piano playing. 

Having listened at a young age to many hours of Oscar Peterson , Monty AlexanderErrol Garner, playing blues and jazz tracks on lot's of beautiful vinyl tracks, Jazzy Derk has auto-didactly recorded many of these maestro's style of playing in his hearing. 

Including 8 years of private lessons by Dutch piano jazz legend Rob Agerbeek, has given great leverage to his style of playing.

It is not so much about great technical jazz skills, more in the timing and feel of playing the piano which makes Jazzy Derk a pleasant pianist to work with. 

Jazzy Derk has weekly residences at Kitchen and Bar van Rijn, the Soho House Amsterdam (Cecconi’s) and Nick Vollebregt Jazz Café. 

Also for private and corporate events people experience what the additional value of this piano player is along side their events. With the talented contrabass player Thomas Pol and many other fine jazz artists, Jazzy Derk knows how to create synchonicity with background music performances during events, which is key to a great night for everybody.

Jazzy Derk can perform solo piano sets, jazz duo sets and on request trio- or quartet settings. With a wide range of jazz musicians, every client can pick their favourite line up.

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