In the famous Wisseloord Studio’s at Hilversum The Netherlands one of my early bird music friends Martino invited me recently to take on a couple of tracks. To be able to produce tracks from this ”old school spaceship” which Studio 2 definitely is for real, one can take-off on a huge mixing console cockpit, playing on all kinds of vintage keyboards, as well as the Steinway grand piano which Elton John simply left here after a week of recording back in the days.

They don’t make music like this anymore, the sound is just soo fucking good from these analog table’s and vintage stuff to record with. I mean really, they don’t make music like this anymore.

Currently the Wisseloord studio’s became an Academy for young producers and we are more than happy to visit the Wisseloord Studio’s in the next months and work with some young producers in training. Great stuff.


Let’s hope this year’s ADE will not lead to new restrictions in the nightlife of clubbing Amsterdam. With attenders from all over the world Amsterdam will be the “Mekka of Dance” again between wed 19th and sun 23rd of oct 2022.

With Showcases, Industry & Record Label Chiefs, DJ friends and performances to visit I am looking forward to attend to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. With fresh productions on the shelve and new collaborations @ the famous Wisseloord Studio’s we will come out with great musicians featuring on top of solid grooves.


At the Amsterdam Tenclub (Mayor Manor) we are currently developing all kind of new activities. On Mondays and Thursdays we have thematic nights with mostly members and invitees. The Tenclub can also be used as a location for your private event or coorporate event. With a grand piano in the master room and a private club in the basement one can host a party for 40 upto 80 people easy.

As a resident Pianist and DJ I am always exited to come play for people on the amazing classic Erard Grand Piano or create a solid DJ set at the private club. 

For information or bookings feel free to contact us.


With lockdown number 4 in progress and newsbulletins smashing our brains daily,  creative writers and performing artists are looking once again at a winter without action. In a time where normally the best events and performances  happen.

This makes producing music even more important. Personally I’m aiming to use this time ahead for practising my piano - and composing skills. Improve my knowlegde on music software production tools for Cubase Pro /  LogicPro. Get to know the amazing sound patches by Spectrasonics keyscape, omnisphere, trillian and off course the full Arturia synthesizer packages.

The intention to create many Jazzy tunes for you in the next month is pure as gold. Producing music in studio’s without the interaction of a live audience is a different game than performing live with audience interaction. That sparkle which creates the magic sychronicity we are all aiming for in life. 

To create that specific synchronicity in all other things in life is one of the most beautiful  challenge now and by resonating this via music we can make efforts to raise awareness.

With Producer Alankara great tracks have been released in the last years. Our recent productions “Essence” and “Dedication” on our label Prana Records both have been in the top-10 of Traxsource  Soulfulhouse charts. 

We will keep on composing tracks with our wide range poule of talented musicians and I will also make proper efforts to compose more wide range piano tracks this coming months. To be continued!


When Covid ‘19 started in ‘20 nobody thought it would last till ‘21. I guess we could call it Covid ‘21 now… Vaccinations are being fought over between countries, the English are pulling their Royal stripes, Europe is a mess as well as the rest of the world. The Planet is actually sick of mankind making a mess, if you’ve noticed. But hey I’m wondering off here, let’s talk MUSIC. We’ve got a way ahead of us this year and we need to fill it with lot’s of music.

The road ahead is still relatively long, yet when we fill it with nice music to stream, buy & enjoy, the world and all people ‘aboard planet Earth’ will def. be more in harmony and love together. Music embraces harmonic resonance in the body and the brain. Music produces trillons of neural sparkles and creates pure life force inside every cell of your system. As well as in the way it resonates with all the water in your body. The Elements we have around us are trying their very best to synchronise together (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Aether) and Music does contribute to that in it’s own unique way. Music is our common universal language.

It’s difficult for so many artists not to be able to perform and make a living at the moment, not to mention all the other branches that are connected to music and vice versa. The internet can never become the stage of the future, merely a poule of content to enjoy & look back at. Let’s do extra efforts all together to raise the frequency on planet Earth. There will be a long way ahead of us filled with love and fear, but fear will never win. We all know that. Peace comes from remembering that only love is real. Google that if you like and and find out for yourself. In the mean time, make sure you listen to music (pref every day). It will keep your frequency radiant. Do your daily breathing exercises, try to move your feet step by step by step by step in the next months ahead this transition time we have entered. Music = Love & Music Unites. If I could vote somewhere… (right now I would nót vote for ànything out there), I would vote for a brand new Global Unification called “The United Continents of Music”. So make place for new generations who will pave the way towards a bright future. Peace to the planet! Be safe out there for the invisible enemy and listen to your music. That’s an order not a question :–))

Yours sincerely, JD.


Since I started composing years ago, I have grown more and more into the passion and fascination of composing music for video. Sometimes in a bpm beat grid, sometimes just looking at the video and composing away on it without any rhythm, just following the flow of the video. It’s something I truly desire to do more in the future and such a joy to feel what happens with the video if one changes the tones, chord progressions or harmonic feeling of it. When you see what you hear what you feel, you are in a pretty good place I’d say…

This video was made by my friend Drs Martin Anders Tukker. His fascination of ancient Rome around 1492 is so big that he has made several trips over the last years and read at least 99 books about the Borgia family around that time, as well as the popes before and after that time. He asked me if I could take a look at this film he edited with recordings by an Iphone 6 at the time so by saying that it’s allready supernice as amateur filmer to make such a nice impression about this remarkable place. That’s why I also called the soundtrack for this video “The Gardens of Tivoli”. Enjoy.


Sofitel Legend The Grand Hotel in Amsterdam has decided to place a “beach club” in the heart of their centre point entree which we opened yesterday with a great momentum including the rules of social distancing. It was a great atmosphere for the invited guests. Till 14th of september the Grand Beach will be open for public.

We opened the event with 45 minutes of live jazz with Jazzy on the Yamaha piano with Contrabass player Thomas Pol as wingman. These two are well known from their fridaynight jazz specials at the famous Jazz & Blues cafe Nick Vollebregt.

Juliet July performs the famous song by Pharell called Happy here, always a nice moment to elevate the energy in the audience. 

The Grand Hotel Beach club will be open for three months and will def be a “talk of the town” place. In this historical building in Amsterdam lies so much history that just by being there one already feels the special vibe this location has to offer on many levels.

Juliet sings the classic house vocals of Moloko’s hit (Sing it Back) on a mash up that Jazzy Derk has made in his sound studio. This duo has stunning skills and will defenately lift up the energy of your event.

For informations and bookings please contact us or call me at +31628877288

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