Jazzy D and Omer Govreen have been playing together since 2018. With the groovy feel and solid sound Omer has on double bas, he follows the free improvisations by Jazzy D (Derk de Koning) on piano with natural ease. These two jazz cats know how to put the swing on!

Omer Govreen is an Amsterdam based double bass player and an alumni of the Rimon school of music and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Govreen co-leads two ensembles: Garden Crack (with Nino baleyte, Adrian Moncade, latest release featuring Michael Moore) & Govreen/Sever ensemble (with Aleksander Sever). He shared the stage in different formations with Tineke Postma, Benjamin Herman, Anat Fort and many others. 

Derk de Koning is a pianist who is much inspired by master jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson, Eroll Garner and Monty Alexander. With his own auto didact style he is a very tasteful pianist with a superb feeling for swing, funk and blues piano. Enjoy this video from the instagram live feed video snippets.

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