Since I started composing years ago, I have grown more and more into the passion and fascination of composing music for video. Sometimes in a bpm beat grid, sometimes just looking at the video and composing away on it without any rhythm, just following the flow of the video. It’s something I truly desire to do more in the future and such a joy to feel what happens with the video if one changes the tones, chord progressions or harmonic feeling of it. When you see what you hear what you feel, you are in a pretty good place I’d say…

This video was made by my friend Drs Martin Anders Tukker. His fascination of ancient Rome around 1492 is so big that he has made several trips over the last years and read at least 99 books about the Borgia family around that time, as well as the popes before and after that time. He asked me if I could take a look at this film he edited with recordings by an Iphone 6 at the time so by saying that it’s allready supernice as amateur filmer to make such a nice impression about this remarkable place. That’s why I also called the soundtrack for this video “The Gardens of Tivoli”. Enjoy.

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