When Covid ‘19 started in ‘20 nobody thought it would last till ‘21. I guess we could call it Covid ‘21 now… Vaccinations are being fought over between countries, the English are pulling their Royal stripes, Europe is a mess as well as the rest of the world. The Planet is actually sick of mankind making a mess, if you’ve noticed. But hey I’m wondering off here, let’s talk MUSIC. We’ve got a way ahead of us this year and we need to fill it with lot’s of music.

The road ahead is still relatively long, yet when we fill it with nice music to stream, buy & enjoy, the world and all people ‘aboard planet Earth’ will def. be more in harmony and love together. Music embraces harmonic resonance in the body and the brain. Music produces trillons of neural sparkles and creates pure life force inside every cell of your system. As well as in the way it resonates with all the water in your body. The Elements we have around us are trying their very best to synchronise together (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Aether) and Music does contribute to that in it’s own unique way. Music is our common universal language.

It’s difficult for so many artists not to be able to perform and make a living at the moment, not to mention all the other branches that are connected to music and vice versa. The internet can never become the stage of the future, merely a poule of content to enjoy & look back at. Let’s do extra efforts all together to raise the frequency on planet Earth. There will be a long way ahead of us filled with love and fear, but fear will never win. We all know that. Peace comes from remembering that only love is real. Google that if you like and and find out for yourself. In the mean time, make sure you listen to music (pref every day). It will keep your frequency radiant. Do your daily breathing exercises, try to move your feet step by step by step by step in the next months ahead this transition time we have entered. Music = Love & Music Unites. If I could vote somewhere… (right now I would nót vote for ànything out there), I would vote for a brand new Global Unification called “The United Continents of Music”. So make place for new generations who will pave the way towards a bright future. Peace to the planet! Be safe out there for the invisible enemy and listen to your music. That’s an order not a question :–))

Yours sincerely, JD.

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