On most saturdaynights in Amsterdam, the pianist DJ Jazzy Derk has a residency where he invites 2 artist per night during a dinner2dance movement at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn on the famous Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. On this video you can see hear and feel the amazing energy that get’s released at certain moments when the jam get’s hot. The virtuoso talent of Jessyhaymusic (Yishay Gluck) is extraordinary, he’s been touring through Europe all year and performs with international bands at major concert halls and makes time in his schedule to jam along with Jazzy Derk on occasions. With lot’s of enjoyment by all the people who were lucky to have been there that night, man the jam was ON. 

Hereby another video with some more Balearic vibes they also threw into the equasion that night. What a mesmerising evening this was! To be continued. Jazzy D ft Jessyhay.

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