The road ahead for mankind in general but also for my own reality is one to send all love and best intentions towards. At  the end of the road a new one always starts. We’re always in movement here and now, the Alpha & Omega, and so on.

For the time being my Statson’s & Borsalino’s are parked away, waiting for future performances to rise again. First we have to climb the stairs before we can reach the stage again. Work in progress. With much gratefulness and awareness.

The road can be bumpy here and than so it’s important to follow the rhythm of the life and read the waves well. Listen to your inner voice and follow the path of your soul

The music continues for the show must go on. In these coming months I will be focussed to dig deeper into the vaults of my schetches to translate the best of them into tasty grooves with flavoured chord progressions. Aiming to compose different styles from Jazz to Lounge to Deephouse to Soulful House to Techfunk. Making sure my piano style is more present than ever before in the compositions ahead…. the road ahead will be filled with new music.

From Q2-2022 and towards 2025 and further into the future we will stay specialised in coorporate- and private events from A to Z, working with the best network Holland has to offer. Our intention is to present customised work  for each client with all the experience, network and knowledge we have gained over the last 25 years since we began as one of the first pioneers around. We will be back on the road soon again to create synchronicity with our music everywhere we go.

For information towards events in 2022 feel free to contact us at +31 6 28877288.

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