This year’s annual Ibiza retraite, celebrating the birthday of soulbrother  Donaes  around the last week of september, again was epic & never to forget! Being together with  a group of such beautiful souls in the epic setting of the amazing Villa Sandia truly is one of the highlights of the year. Specially in these dense times of transformation.

With a professional setup of many instruments, a full on DJ set with 2 amazing sound systems we sure know how to celebrate life in this private setting. Conga’sBongo’sDjembeE-Drums, Keyboards, Didgeridoo’s, you name it. It was there and we were jamming every day with another theme in another setting at the Villa.

Positioned at the sunset side of the Island near Cala Bassa it is always tempting to check out the parameters near Es Vedra. This area is called las  Rocas Malas. I didn’t really understand the depth of things I guess, untill the moment we all went swimming on friday the 1st of oct. Although it was my strong wish to go swimming at the white sandy turquoise water bay, for some reason the cars suddenly turned 180 degrees around and 10 min later we arrived at Cala Conte, a place known as the rave cave in the heart of “las rocas males”.

This is the location where my life -or reality- as we speak changed this summer in a nano second. A piece of rock broke under my feet and I had to jump down approx 5 mtr landing with bare feet to save my life. Resulting in two broken legs.. Besides this being called a traumatic accident with severe injuries I can say this now: “positive mindset and positive thought patterns really do make all the difference in your life”. In the spiritual world an event such as this is even referred to as a ‘Cosmic Slap’. If one is not in sync with the path for ones soul, something very intensive could possibly happen with the pure intent to reset the body, mind and soul.

Having said that, I feel extremely grateful for surviving this and for all lessons and blessings included.  As I said, besides the traumatic accident this was, it can be experienced as a full fysical reset for the body, the mind and the soul. 

And that by itself, is the big reward at the end of this process. Coming back wiser, stronger, more belanced and most of all more aware of all little- and big things in life. Namasté, so much LOVE

Yours sincerely JD.

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