While starting 2020, 1st of january, after having experienced a graceful 2019 in general, it seemed that 2020 was going to be a year embracing lot’s of major ‘5-annual’ events, such as Sail Amsterdam 2020 and many other public events and activities. Amsterdam had been starting to attrack more and more international tourism annually, 2020 would be a “packed” year in town on that behalf.

The fist months of lock down (14 march-1st june) I spend painting my house interior and maintained biking for 40, 65- one time even unto 82 km on my racing bike. To create a fresh (painted) temple for myself  made sense, which I’m glad I did, for I enjoy that every day now.

Than there is music in my soul and life. That was definitely the next thing which started resonating from the inside. Composing music is, and will always be, a blessing and responsibility to cherish. Not just because it is enjoyable to play synths, fender rhodes or a real grand piano, it’s also nice to keep up u’r composing skills with the Audio Software Updates and new Arturia Plug-Ins soundpacks and Fab Filter tools. So much amazing new sounds and possibilities in my range of composing :–). The target: to release and stream many new mash-ups, raw sketches, harmonicly mixed DJ sets and fresh jazz and house releases.

So pretty much, March April and May were covered. I could not visit my parents in the beginning which was a strange experience. The fact that both my parents are alive, healthy, inspirative and lovingful to me also made me realise again the deeper value of that. I reached out for dialogues while visiting them and asked them lot’s of questions about their parents and even about their grand parents, looking at many family photo albums going back to the 1920’s. These conversations also fired me up again to reach out for deeper development of my musical talent. So much to discover yet for me on that side of my life.

The 1st of June I experienced such a wonderful garden lunch day @ Villa Beukenhof with friends and relations. It was called “the official terras opening” of the year day. So far, that is correct, but people did start to travel extensively again in july and august so by september numbers started to rise again resulting in new lock down, which we’re still in as we speak. The date is 29th of november 2020. We will probably have to wait till april-may-june 2021 before we can start properly again, so I am considering other options and directions in my life as well. Now is the timing to nurture the inner self and develop new skills it feels. 

Still it is easier said than done alone at home. ‘Benching’ at night on Netflix or new film and documentary releases don’t really benefit the time-efficiency of this for example. That’s merely enjoyable free time no? The computer screen and television seem to become our ‘outside door’ to the world more and more.

I have been activating my soundcloud channel again which I will give more attention to soon, when I’ve finished uploading more tracks and new dj mixes. This also for video’s on youtube and social media and hopefully many new releases on the official download portals (itunes/traxsource/beatport). To be continued. The soundcloud channel can be visited on www.soundcloud.com/jazzy-d  and will be filled with much more content the next months.

Till than everybody be safe, take care of your elders, loved ones and dear friends, be an example, stay focussed to reach out for positive thinking using the basic universal laws and stay healthy and happy as far as possible on a day. Some days are simply harder to push yourself than others. But this we do for our elders and for the children of the future I’d say. If we’re lucky, next generations (20-50-100 years) will achieve a more balanced economy for mother earth and it’s dominant species for this moment in time…

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